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Tired of endless meetings about fintech launches that never seem to make it on the product roadmap?

You’re not alone.

Introducing JustiFi’s new Unified Fintech Checkout™. With implementation in just a single sprint, it simplifies the integration of multiple fintech products like payments, checkout insurance, and Buy Now, Pay Later — helping you keep the lion’s share of revenue from the funds flowing through your platform.

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Introducing a better way:

The Unified Fintech Checkout™

With the new Unified Fintech Checkout (UFC), platform companies gain access to a comprehensive suite of white-label fintech products ready for deployment to their existing customer base. This empowers platforms to tap into new revenue streams while offering essential fintech solutions to both their customers and the businesses they serve. The UFC’s implementation is seamless, utilizing a web component that enables platforms to launch embedded payments, insurance, and BNPL in a single sprint, significantly reducing deployment time from months or even years to just a few weeks.

According to a recent Goldman Sachs report, achieving transformative fintech results hinges not only on cutting-edge technology but also on widespread adoption. While an embedded fintech infrastructure lays a solid foundation, for platforms, true success and customer satisfaction stem from comprehensive fintech integration. Our Engage™ fintech team works closely with you to drive fintech activation starting from pre-onboarding to as long as we partner together. Bespoke activation services include:

  • Fintech goal setting
  • UI and UX design
  • Technical implementation
  • Go-to-market strategy and execution


If you’re tired of endless meetings about fintech launches that never seem to make it on the product roadmap, you’re not alone. 

Stop wasting time on vendor negotiations and unclear fintech ROI. 
JustiFi delivers results, accelerating platform monetization while keeping your customers (and their customers) delighted.

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