JustiFi Introduces:

The Fintech Platform for Platforms

At JustiFi, we exist to accelerate the fintech potential of platforms like yours.

After building SaaS platforms for 15 years, we’ve created what we wish we had – a full stack of white-label fintech tools that allow you to keep the lion’s share of revenue from the funds flowing through your platform.

Exactly how it should be.


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On your Platform

What's New

Unified Card-Present

JustiFi’s Card-Present solution is designed to seamlessly integrate in-person payments for platforms and their customers. Simplify transaction processing, streamline reporting, and optimize support by unifying card present and card-not-present transactions in a single, intuitive system.

Payments terminal by JustiFi

How it Works

Take a tour of the JustiFi Platform with CEO, Joe Keeley

JustiFi unlocks new:

Revenue-driving Fintech Products


JustiFi payments infrastructure leverages payment facilitation to ensure all funds flow through your platform, rather than relying on third-party processors.


Provide integrated policies and warranties within the customer buying experience and route the payments automatically.


Offer customers the funds they need to operate and grow, without the underwriting delays and collection management hassles.

Trusted By Category Innovators

Built to free you up, not lock you in.

Traditional payment processors promise to make your platform fintech-ready. But don’t fall into their trap. Once locked in their system, your customer data and revenue flow through them, undermining your ability to realize the full value of your platform.

The Customer Data Problem:

Payment processors intentionally withhold Customer Data, making it difficult to change finance product vendors.

The Customer Transaction Problem:

Third-party payment facilitators leave you out of the transaction in order to keep the lions share of revenue.

Fintech Results

In less than a month.

Everything we build is designed specifically to optimize monetization for platforms.

Every fintech product is white-labeled, and easily integrated via our low-code API or Web Components. This means accelerated fintech revenue growth for your platform, and essential fintech solutions, like lending and insurance, for your customers’ end users.

Laptop containing a screenshot from JustiFi's fintech dashboard.
Watch your revenue grow with the JustiFi Fintech Dashboard
Step 1

Onboard Customers

Use the JustiFi hosted onboarding solution to start collecting and storing customer data.

Step 2

Activate Fintech Products

View the fintech-readiness of your customers and activate the products they need, from payments to lending and insurance.

Step 3

Grow Revenue

Earn additional revenue from each fintech product, growing the value of your business and as you deliver more value to customers.


Unsure where to start? We're here to help.

As a part of our platform subscription, you also get access to our team of fintech veterans who will guide you through: go-to-market strategy, security, monetization, and everything in between.