Embedded Insurance

Build insurance with upside.

Looking to instantly increase purchasing revenue? By offering embedded insurance, our insuretech infrastructure helps you quickly enable platform customers to activate insurance options in the hosted checkout without having to endure any annoying onboarding protocols.

Infrastructure at checkout & customer admin

JustiFi enables you to activate and manage policies at several levels within your platform.

Recognize All Your Revenue :

JustiFi’s infrastructure directs all transaction revenue through your platform, significantly enhancing your ARR.

Enable products at multiple levels.

With JustiFi’s innovative infrastructure, companies now have the opportunity to offer multiple embedded insurance products to their customers through multiple vendors. By utilizing this interactive network of insuretech solutions, businesses can provide an optimized and white-labeled customer experience that allows for more customization than ever before.

We handle the data orchestration.

Our data tokenization makes it seamless and easy for customers to opt-in and customize the types of embedded services they are looking for; not only that, it guarantees security with regards to customer information.

Watch your revenues grow.

Embedded insurance provides platforms and businesses with new methods of creating revenue streams. Your customers can utilize insuretech to customize insurance policies that are integrated within their products and services, empowering their customers to purchase coverage alongside the products they already buy, automatically loading those policies into customer accounts.

Insurance Activation With Web Components

Web Components for Insurance

Web components are reusable, modular pieces of code that offer several benefits for accepting payments and embedding fintech products such as:

Increased flexibility

Web components can be easily integrated into any platform, allowing you to customize the UI to match your platform.

Reduced development time

Using web components can significantly reduce the amount of time and resources required to develop and maintain payment functionality on your platform.

Improved security

Web components use modern security practices such as encryption and tokenization, removing the compliance burden on your platform.

Web Component

Hosted Onboarding

This component ensures we collect the necessary form data during customer onboarding.

					const handleOnboardingCompletion = (e) => {
  const { eventType } = e.data;
  if (eventType === 'submitSuccess') {
    // Handle successful onboarding
  if (eventType === 'submitFailure') {
    // Handle failed onboarding

window.addEventListener('message', handleOnboardingCompletion); 

API Endpoint

Binding a financial product to a payment

					const resp = await fetch(
    method: 'POST',
    headers: {
      'Content-Type': 'application/json',
      Authorization: 'string'
    body: JSON.stringify({
      payment_method_id: 'pm_123',
      amount: 10000,
      currency: 'usd',
      partner_quote_id: 'ins-test-123',
      partner_name: 'vertical_insure',
      metadata: {}

const data = await resp.json();

Your Engage™ team is here to handle the heavy lifting.

Insurance offerings can be complicated to manage. As part of our platform, we provide you with a team led by a Chief Payments Officer to consult on go-to-market product strategy, feature utilization, forecasting, partner evaluation, contract negotiation and everything in between.

You do it.

We do it for you.

Integrate customer onboarding

Integrate web components based on the data gaps

Sign with recommended vendor/provider

Ongoing customer data collection

Data compliance & reporting

Forecast the risk/value of different FinTech opportunities

Evaluate different vendors/providers

Negotiate pricing with different vendors/providers

Tokenized data sharing as you move between vendor contracts

Contracting with chosen provider/underwriter

Sales training around industry compliance

Create GTM language for customers

Create web components for new products

Renegotiate terms with providers over time

Unsure where to start? Leave it to the experts.

With our Engage subscription, our team of industry veterans guides every step of your fintech journey: go-to-market strategy, product utilization, forecasting, fundraising, and everything in between.