JustiFi Unveils:

11 New Web Components for its Fintech Platform for Platforms

Web components provide the fastest and most customizable path to monetizing embedded payments, lending, and insurance

Saint Paul, MN, January 17, 2024 – Today, Justifi is announcing the release of 11 cutting-edge web components for its Fintech Platform for Platforms.

What are Web Components?

Web components are modular elements of web development that turn each segment of an application into a reusable building block. This accelerates development and boosts application performance. In the context of embedded finance, web components offer the easiest and most customizable path to fintech monetization for platform companies.

In a world where fintech integration is increasingly becoming a strategic imperative for platforms, the launch of these web components signifies a significant leap forward for JustiFi and its commitment to accelerate the potential of platform companies. These components enable platforms to seamlessly embed revenue-generating fintech products, such as embedded payments, lending, and insurance, into their existing ecosystems, faster than ever before.

Product image featuring Justifi's mobile payment form on the left, and the Fintech Dashboard on the right.

Both the payment form (left) and the Fintech Dashboard (right) stand as examples of white-labeled web components prepared for seamless integration into SaaS platforms and their customers’ checkout flows.

According to Nick Halm, VP of Product & Engineering at JustiFi, “Our Web Component Library is designed to support our commitment to delivering the easiest fintech implementation on the market.  Each component enables rapid deployment and cuts months of development time, allowing you to stay focused on your product and customers.”

Built with speed, simplicity, and customization in mind, JustiFi’s web components represent a major differentiator in the fintech infrastructure landscape. Here’s why:

  1. Fastest time to market: JustiFi’s web components empower platforms to launch revenue-generating fintech products in a single sprint or less. Unlike traditional solutions that demand extensive development timelines, these modular components allow platform companies to activate fintech capabilities in a matter of days, instead of months or even years.
  2. 100% White-label solution: Web components eliminate the need for a separate, third-party dashboard or complex in-house development. Platform companies can seamlessly embed fintech components into their existing platforms, preserving the familiarity and trust their customers already associate with their brand.
  3. Enhanced customer experience: The web component based Fintech Dashboard consolidates transaction data, including both card-present and card-not-present transactions, customer onboarding, and fintech revenue data. This unified view not only streamlines operations but also provides an unparalleled customer experience.


“The integration was smooth, and the JustiFi team provided excellent support throughout the process. We highly recommend the JustiFi team to any business looking to switch payment processors and potentially introduce embedded fintech products in the future,” said Sam McElhinney former CEO of Weven – acquired by The Knot, Inc. (NASDAQ: KNOT).

With the integration of these 11 innovative web components, JustiFi’s Fintech Platform offers platform companies an accelerated path to world class customer experiences and transformational fintech revenue.

For more information about the JustiFi platform, please visit www.justifi.tech.

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JustiFi, the fintech platform for platforms, empowers software companies to monetize white-label fintech products such as embedded payments, lending, and insurance faster than ever before. As a registered payment facilitator, JustiFi provides world-class customer support and helps platforms deliver seamless fintech experiences to their end-users.

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