Unified Card Present

JustiFi and Verifone Partner to Redefine Fintech for Platforms with a Unified Card-Present Solution

With this announcement, platform companies and their customers will enjoy simplified transaction processing, streamlined reporting, and optimized support.

A view of Justifi + Verifone's card-present transaction solution.

With JustiFi’s Fintech Dashboard you can unify your card-present transaction and monetization data with all your other fintech revenue streams.

Saint Paul, MN, December 12, 2023 – JustiFi, the fintech platform for platforms, is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with Verifone, the payments architect shaping ecosystems for online and in-person experiences. Together, they are introducing a “Unified Card-Present” solution, designed to seamlessly integrate payments for platforms and their customers.

Card-Present refers to transactions where the physical payment card is present at the point of sale. JustiFi’s Card-Present solution includes in-person transactions where customers use credit or debit cards with Verifone’s state-of-the-art payment terminals. This enhanced payment processing solution simplifies transaction procedures and consolidates reporting processes for platforms by seamlessly incorporating both card-present and card-not-present transactions within a unified, intuitive dashboard.

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This innovative offering provides JustiFi’s customers with the option of 8 Verifone terminals, including mobile, countertop, kiosk and stand-alone devices. With flexible lease and warranty options, businesses can effortlessly expand their payment capabilities, leading to increased fintech revenue opportunities.

“We are thrilled to unveil our groundbreaking Unified Card-Present solution in collaboration with Verifone,” said Joe Keeley, CEO of JustiFi. “What sets this solution apart is our commitment to providing a comprehensive fintech platform for our customers. With JustiFi, businesses no longer need to navigate a complex web of disparate systems for transaction data and reporting. Whether it’s online payments, embedded lending, insurance, or now in-person transactions, all critical data is consolidated into one powerful dashboard. This unified approach simplifies management, streamlines operations, and empowers our clients to focus on what matters most – driving their business forward.”

“We are excited to partner with JustiFi on this innovative omnichannel solution,” said Tim Aden, EVP of Verifone Global Partners. “JustiFi is leveraging Verifone’s consumer-trusted suite of powerful, secure and durable payment terminals with options for checkout at every point of decision, whether in-lane, in the aisle or fully mobile.”

With JustiFi’s new Unified Card-Present solution, businesses get the simplicity, flexibility, and reliability they need to thrive in today’s dynamic market.


About Verifone
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Verifone is the payments architect shaping ecosystems for online and in-person commerce experiences, including everything businesses need – from secure payment devices to eCommerce tools, acquiring services, advanced business insights, and much more. As a global fintech leader, Verifone powers omni-commerce growth for companies in over 165 countries and is trusted by the world’s best-known brands, small businesses and major financial institutions. The Verifone platform is built on a four-decade history of innovation and uncompromised security, annually managing more than 12B transactions worth over $500B on physical and digital channels.


About JustiFi:
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JustiFi, the fintech platform for platforms, enables software companies to monetize white-label fintech products like embedded payments, Buy Now, Pay Later, lending, and insurance faster than ever before. As a registered payment facilitator, JustiFi provides world-class customer support and helps platforms deliver seamless fintech experiences to their end users.

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