Embedded Payment Processing

Take advantage of your funds flow.

JustiFi payments infrastructure leverages payment facilitation to ensure all funds flow through your platform, rather than relying on third-party processors. This provides you with more control over processing rates, allowing you to capture the lion’s share of the revenue.

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Monetize Payments

We think you deserve to participate in economics, preserve optionality as you scale, and generate payment revenues like the best platforms in the world. At the end of the day, the cost of a payment shouldn’t be determined by the volume of funds flowing through your platform.

Start your journey to over 200 basis points of keep.

Traditional payment processors stifle your platform’s growth potential. Processing with JustiFi means you get to reap the rewards of custom payment infrastructure.

Simple, reliable seller onboarding

If you’ve used Stripe Connect, you know it’s easy to implement but costs extra and doesn’t offer white-label functionality. With JustiFi, you get the best of both worlds; a frictionless seller onboarding experience that’s completely white-labeled, all at no additional cost.

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Embedded payment processing layers diagram

JustiFi’s infrastructure directs all transaction revenue through your platform, significantly enhancing your ARR.

Don't get left out of the transaction

JustiFi’s innovative payments infrastructure is designed to provide payment facilitation that extends beyond traditional processor transactions. This infrastructure places the payment flow directly into your platform, allowing for higher control and supervision of customer funds.

On top of transactional costs being reduced, businesses are able to retain more of the processing rates established in their respective markets due to funds not having to run through third-party processors. 

As SaaS veterans ourselves, we've seen the impact payments can make.

After building SaaS platforms for 15 years, we’ve created what we wish we had – a full stack of platform-focused white-label tools that allow you to keep the lion’s share of revenue from the funds flowing through your platform. Exactly how it should be.