Your Fintech Activation Toolkit

Are you ready to activate your customer base on the JustiFi Platform and realize your fintech potential?

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The Purpose of this Toolkit

The purpose of the Fintech Activation Toolkit is to provide a comprehensive guide to our partner platforms, enabling them to successfully communicate and implement JustiFi’s embedded financial services within their platform. 

This toolkit aims to:

  1. Facilitate Understanding: Equip you with a clear understanding of JustiFi’s services, features, and the benefits they provide to end-users. It ensures platforms are well-informed and prepared to answer any questions their users might have.

  2. Guide Communication: Provide SaaS platforms with customizable templates for communication, ensuring consistent and effective messaging when introducing the new fintech services to their users.

  3. Ease Activation Process: Explain the user activation process, from filling out the onboarding form to adopting the services. The toolkit emphasizes the simplicity of the activation process, assuring users that it’s designed with their convenience in mind, leveraging data they already have.

  4. Support User Education: Provide resources such as FAQs, tutorials, and user guides to educate users about the new services and assist them in maximizing these fintech features.

1. Facilitate Understanding

Illustration of JustiFi's Embedded Finance Infrastructure
Embedded Finance Infrastructure For Platforms

The fastest path to fully-optimized fintech monetization

We help our customers win at the fintech game.

At JustiFi, we exist to accelerate potential, specifically the fintech potential of platforms like yours.

After building SaaS platforms for 15 years, we’ve created what we wish we had – a full stack of platform-focused white-label tools that allow you to keep the lion’s share of revenue from the funds flowing through your platform.

Exactly how it should be.

Key Features & Benefits

JustiFi’s Embedded Fintech Infrastructure enables lending, insurance, and payment products today with future products in development. By providing a broader array of financial services, you can tap into new revenue streams and improve your profitability.

API-Based & Web Component Integration: Utilizing robust APIs or web components, the JustiFi platform integrates seamlessly into your existing platform, reducing disruption and promoting efficiency within your app.

Security and Compliance: With a PCI-DSS Level 1 and SOC 2 Type 2 compliant platform, you can rest assured that all customer and card data is securely stored, protecting against potential security breaches.

Customized Offers: You can improve conversion rates and enhance the customer journey by delivering personalized, contextual offers for transaction rates and payout frequencies.

Strategic Fintech Consulting: Through JustiFi’s strategic Engage Team, you’ll be provided with ongoing support and guidance, ensuring you extract maximum value from the platform while also optimizing your business and growth.

Payments API
API & Web Component Integration

Your low-code fintech solution

2. Guide Communication

Below are two great communication templates to help you activate your customers. Please reach out if you’d like to further tailor your communications strategy.

Option 1

Activation Email Campaign

Email Announcement

  • Official announcement introducing [Your Platform] Pay
  • Brief overview of key benefits and features
  • Clear instructions for activation with the link to the form
  • Offer of assistance through customer service

Follow-Up Email

  • A gentle reminder for those who have not yet completed the form
  • Repetition of the key benefits and the instructions for activation

Option 2

Website & Application Updates

In-App Announcement

  • Eye-catching banner or popup announcing [Your Platform] Pay
  • Brief details about the key benefits and a call-to-action button linking to the form

[Your Platform] Pay Product Page

  • Detailed description of [Your Platform] Pay and its benefits
  • Step-by-step guide for activation
  • FAQs to address common customer queries
  • Testimonials and case studies (if available) to boost credibility and trust

3. Easy Activation Process

We are here to arm you with information that will lead to higher adoption and utilization. When you’re left on your own, migrations can be difficult and time consuming.

With over a decade’s worth of experience and countless migrations under our belt, JustiFi works directly with you to create the smoothest path for you and your customers. 

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