The New Fintech Economy

In this new Fintech Economy, vertical SaaS platforms have the opportunity to emerge as winners, while those who resist change will face the challenge of staying relevant.

With a seamlessly integrated infrastructure of fintech products, businesses gain unparalleled access to new revenue solutions, streamlined processes, and data-driven insights, revolutionizing the way we interact with and leverage finance. And most importantly, this means more choices, better products, and lower prices for consumers.

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Pick Your Fintech

Embed products that make you the most valuable platform in your vertical.

Monetize Payments

We think you deserve to participate in economics, preserve optionality as you scale, and generate payment revenues like the best platforms in the world. 

Embedded Insurance

Provide integrated policies and warranties within the customer buying experience and route the payments automatically.

Embedded Lending

Offer customers the funds they need to operate and grow, without the underwriting delays and collection management hassles.

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