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Our Story

JustiFi was created by a team that spent over 15 years building successful vertical SaaS platforms. Throughout our careers, we have faced the challenges and obstacles that come with legacy payment processors, integrating one-off fintech products, and trying to grow a platform at the same time. We have made our fair share of mistakes and want to help the next generation of vertical SaaS platforms avoid the pitfalls that we encountered.

The not-so-secret key to our former platforms’ success was our ability to monetize payments and add beneficial fintech products, allowing us to create multiple streams of revenue beyond recurring SaaS fees. This approach allowed us to create a profitable and sustainable business model that ultimately led to our success and eventual exit.

At JustiFi, we are dedicated to helping vertical SaaS platforms follow in our footsteps and achieve the same level of success. We offer a range of products and services that are designed to help our partners monetize payments and add financial products, and we are committed to providing the support and guidance that they need to grow their businesses.

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Our Purpose Is To Accelerate Potential

Core Values


Undaunted Problem-Solvers

We live to solve the messiest, most complex, and most contested problems in embedded finance. We step up to remove barriers, blaze new trails, and bring the power of embedded finance to all.


Humble Experts

We’ve built vertical SaaS platforms with billions in funds flow. We’re creating a knowledge base that can literally transform industries. But in a space with no shortage of smart people, we leave our egos at the door. We don’t talk down. We share expertise with humility. We strive to be people our partners and co-workers are happy to work with, not just have to work with.


Committed Partners

We invest in long-term relationships with partners, customers and fellow co-workers alike. We equip them with the tools they need at each stage and the guidance to put them to work every step of the way.


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