It's impossible to win if you don't keep score.

After building a platform that processed billions per year and offered a suite of fintech products, we know what it takes to win the payments game.

Insights is the only dashboard that measures your payments business against the best software platforms in the world – so you can see how you score and what’s possible.

Payments Dashboard

See The Full Picture

Insights is the only fintech dashboard that visualizes payment cost data, regardless of how many payment processors you use.

Benchmark Your Business

To be the best, you need to know how your payments business stacks up against the best vertical software platforms in the world.

Identify Opportunities

Gain a clear understanding of your payments and embedded fintech business to make critical business decisions and unlock forecasting capabilities.


The only payments & fintech dashboard

Existing processors intentionally serve up opaque payment data that is often unclear and therefore unusable. We don’t think that’s right.

Insights will bring your payments business to life through charts and graphs to make mission-critical business decisions, help you raise the next round of funding at a higher valuation, and dominate your corner of the internet.

Payments Dashboard
Payment Utilization


Discover Your Potential

Armed with a comprehensive understanding of your current payments business, we’ll provide a comprehensive dashboard view that shows where your payments potential lies, then work with you to achieve it.

What else is included?

Payment Utilization Modeling

Forecast-to-Actuals Reporting

24-Month Effective Rate Visualization

Net Processing Earnings

Seller Volume Modeling

Interchange Fee Categorization

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