Expand your platform’s fintech offering in weeks rather than years.

Go beyond payments by implementing embedded fintech products such as lending, instant payouts, card issuing, insurance, and more through the JustiFi all-in-one fintech orchestration platform.


Fintech Journey
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Embedded Fintech

Bring financial products to life with the JustiFi managed orchestration layer

Turn on embedded finance without the burden of vetting a new point-solution partner whenever you want to enable a new fintech product on your platform. We offer a white-label suite of embedded financial products through a managed orchestration layer that allows you to bring new products to market in weeks rather than years.

embedded finance

Embedded Insurance

Offer integrated insurance and warranties within the customer purchase flow and automatically route all payments appropriately.


Integrated Lending

Provide sub-accounts with the money they need to operate and grow their own business while avoiding the traditional underwriting delays and collection management.

money time

Consumer Payment Terms

Allow sub-accounts to offer terms to make purchases more affordable for consumers without sub-accounts taking on the collection risk and cash flow headaches.

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Intra-Platform Transfers

Connect sub-accounts within your platform ecosystem and provide additional payment flows and platform benefits.

tags stack

Multi-Merchant Checkout

Offer additional products and services directly from your company or approved third-parties within the customer purchase flow and automatically route all payments appropriately.

wallet 43

Consumer Wallet

Improve your customers buying experience and success rates and lay the foundation for future innovation and offerings.


Instant Payouts

Provide sub-accounts access to their money instantly to help solve acute cash flow problems.

credit card

Credit & Debit Card Issuing

Offer branded consumer credit accounts that your merchant customers can offer.

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