The payments API built for platforms

We know the pain engineering teams experience when trying to implement a new system with confusing and incomplete API documentation. That’s why we built the most straightforward payments API and provide platform partners with a hands-on team of former platform payments engineers to get you to your first processed payment as seamlessly as possible.

Payments API
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Payments As The Core Object

Sellers can view fees, refunds, and balance transactions on a per-payment basis – providing unparalleled transparency into the monetization of each payment.

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Modern Event Publishing

The JustiFi REST API offers event publishing via webhooks and EventBridge, leading to the smoothest implementation experience possible.


Idempotent Requests

Clients can safely retry calls to our API that fail. The idempotent request will ensure that the operation only happens once, no matter how many times the request is made.

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PCI Compliant

JustiFi is a PCI compliant payment processor, offering solutions that feature state-of-the-art security and PCI-DSS Level 1 compliance. We’re committed to protecting each of our sellers and every one of their customers.

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